Head and neck surgery

Head and neck surgery deals with the surgical treatment of tumours in the head and neck region, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery of the area. Many operations can be carried out using local anaesthetic and performed on the same day as the appointment. General anaesthesia may be necessary for more complicated operations. In that case, a surgery date will be set together with the patient.

Benign and malign tumour surgery, plastic surgery of skin deformations

Skin tumours are very common. Young people often have benign warts caused by papillomavirus (HPV), while older people have seborrheic keratosis or skin cancer caused by UV light. The most common causes of malign melanoma are UV light, deformed birth marks and light skin. the most effective treatment is surgical removal of the tumour. In the head and neck region, especially around the face, a functional and aesthetic result is very important, which is why head and neck surgery has developed special operation and skin plastics methods.

Plastic surgery

Lip, eyelid, eyebrow, nose or earlobe defects can be congenital or develop over time. They can greatly affect a person’s appearance and in the worst cases also cause functional disorders.

Soft tissue sarcoma surgery

Problems in the subcutaneous tissue are usually caused by tumours and cysts in the sweat and sebaceous glands, but also by tumours and lipoma in the subcutaneous tissue.

Mouth mucosa and salivary gland tumour surgery

Mucosa lumps and tumours require special attention and skilful treatment because malign tumours in this region can turn into very serious diseases. Salivary gland tumours usually require surgical treatment.