Maxillofacial surgeon

Maxillofacial surgeons treat various problems in the skull and jaw region and involving the soft tissue of the face and neck region, such as traumas, infections, acquired as well as developmental defects, and their surgical treatment. A more symmetrical face and well-aligned bite lead to a nicer appearance.

Our maxillofacial surgeons receive patients with the following concerns:

  • tongue or lip tie
  • wisdom teeth or other retained teeth
  • cyst or tumour in the jaw bone
  • cyst or benign tumour of the oral mucosa
  • salivary gland infections
  • jaw bone infections
  • insufficient bone volume for implants or prosthetic treatment
  • jaw bone development and bite disorders (if orthognathic surgery is recommended by an orthodontist)
  • jaw bone correction for aesthetic purposes

Small surgeries can be carried out during the appointment using local anaesthetic. However, general anaesthetic is needed for larger and more complicated procedures, and an additional appointment will be booked for the surgery. The patient might also need a check up after the surgery.

Tight cooperation between different specialists is essential for us. For example, the patient will be sent back to get an implant or prosthesis after bone volume has been increased, orthodontic treatment is needed after an arthognathic surgery and the patient might be referred to a head and neck surgeon in case of malignant tumours.

Booking an appointment

From 01/10/2018, Pea- Ja Kaelakirurgia OÜ is a contractual partner of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund in the field of maxillofacial surgery in Harju County. A referral and valid health insurance are needed to book a free appointment. You can still book an appointment for a fee without a referral!

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